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At AYOXXA, we believe that top-quality products should be coupled with world-class support. Every member of the AYOXXA team is committed to helping you achieve your research goals and drive healthcare advances. More than a solutions provider, we aim to be your research partner, so you can expect know-how, professionalism, efficiency, and top services in every support experience.

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The LUNARIS™ Platform is designed for the busy lab. Getting started with LUNARIS™ is intuitive and easy. Customers looking to explore expanded analytical capabilities or apply LUNARIS™ Technology to particularly challenging projects can book onsite trainings. Discuss your projects with our specialists and they will tailor a training to accomplish your goals.

We’ve gathered the most important documents on AYOXXA products so you can easily download the ones you need. Here you will find up-to-date product lists, the latest version of user manuals, as well as product flyers and several scientific publications using LUNARIS™ Technology.

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