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Dedicated expertise tailored to your needs

AYOXXA Services extends the productivity of your lab by taking over the analysis of your samples or developing novel bioassays and protocols on the LUNARIS™ Platform. Whatever your needs, our experts tailor their work to complement your research activities, so you can focus on results.

Complete Testing Services

Testing Services

Time, equipment, or space limitations are no impediment for leveraging LUNARIS™ Multiplex Protein Analysis.

Send us your samples and our team of service experts will perform analyses using any of our growing menu of mouse or human biomarker panels. You receive a complete analysis report, and peace of mind that precious samples are handled professionally and results confidentially.

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BioChip Readout Services

Readout Services

As an alternative to sending us your samples for analysis, perform the immunoassay in your lab using a LUNARIS™ Kit, and send your sealed BioChip to an AYOXXA Service Center for readout.

Our service experts quickly produce and return a comprehensive analysis report, with relevant assay quality evaluation and all raw data.

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Custom Panel Development


If your target needs are not covered by existing LUNARIS™ Kits, our assay specialists offer support with any or all aspects of configuring and establishing a standardized and effective LUNARIS™ Assay:

  • Biomarker screening
  • Selection and validation
  • Custom panel configuration
  • Custom multiplex assay design

Contact our specialists to discuss your ideas.

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Want to see if our readout or testing services are right for you? Contact us about a first service project - an expert will be in touch!

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