Dedicated benchtop readout device

  • Load-and-read, fully integrated system

  • Easy handling, reliable readout

  • Renowned German high-precision optics

  • Any throughput, from low to high

  • 384 samples read in less than an hour


Basic Principle

Fast, precise fluorescence readout

Readout is as simple as an ELISA, only on a multiplexed scale. Detection antibodies in LUNARIS™ Kits are tagged with a fluorophore. Thus, the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of all microbeads with a given antibody pair is a direct measure of the target analyte concentration in a sample.

The LUNARIS™ Reader records MFIs of all microbeads bound to analytes in a sample with speed and precision, delivering fully automated readout of up to 384 samples in less than an hour.

Simply load one or more LUNARIS™ BioChips, start the readout, and walk away (take a break; go home; analyze results the next day). A detailed report is logged in the LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite within minutes. No warmup, no manual calibration, no maintenance after readout.



Reliability out of the box

The LUNARIS™ Reader is a high-quality precision instrument, delivered with a dedicated laptop and preinstalled control software. It is ready to measure fluorescence of up to 384 samples in a microtiter plate format the moment you take it out of the box.

We work with the German precision equipment manufacturer Märzhäuser to ensure that every unit meets the highest production standards, and is 100% compliant with Common Standards and EU Directives.

Data Quality

Seamless, from assay to insights

With flexible readout scalability from low to highh throughput, integrated optics and calibration, and seamless transfer of data to our proprietary LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite software, the LUNARIS™ Reader is at the core of the streamlined user experience guaranteed by our LUNARIS™ Platform.

Analyze any number of your valuable samples in a few simple steps, and count on unparalleled data quality and optimal time to result.



Reader Model Format Elements Cat. No
LUNARIS™ Reader AR01 96/384 Imaging Device, Laptop and Control Software LRS-001


LUNARIS™ Reader Manual

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