LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite

Data analysis as it should be: transparent and straightforward

Analysis Suite
  • Jump-right-in software; just open a readout file

  • Complete data evaluation in less than a minute

  • Intelligent assay QC for clear results reliability

  • All raw data, results, and graphs available in detailed reports or export files

Complete Workflow Support

Set up, interpret, and share experiments in one place

Standardize workflows in your lab, from experiment planning to producing publication-ready reports. Start creating and sharing setup and report templates for recurring experiments.

Assess standard curves with 4PL or 5PL model plots, and visualize your controls and samples to quickly evaluate assay quality. Also depict median fluorescence intensity and measured concentrations of each analyte in high-quality heatmaps.

And if you need to perform external analyses, export data with a click.

Analysis Suite

Assay Quality Control

LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite is designed to help identify and handle potential issues with an assay.

The image-based readout reveals artifacts that go undetected with flow-based approaches, and the software delivers visualizations, explanations, and suggestions to help improve assay results.

Advanced features include a module to spot potential outliers based on all relevant quality control information. The upshot is that you can trust your results.

Start-to-Finish Transparency

Your data. Your results. Your insights.

Every single data point that emerges from an assay is 100% available for your review in the LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite.

This means that you can follow information from readout measure to plotted result and interpretation.

Furthermore, data are compliant with strict quality standards, making customized export to third party tools and creation of detailed reports easy and fast.  

Analysis Suite


LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite

Accessory Format Elements Cat. No
LUNARISAnalysis Suite  96/384 Data Analysis Software LAS-001


LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite Manual



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