LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit

An extensive panel of key protein biomarkers involved in the differentiation of Th1 and Th2 cells and their effector functions. Detect eight interleukins with human equivalents, plus granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF), interferon-γ (IFN-γ) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α).

LUNARIS™ Kits include all components necessary to perform the assay and readout on the LUNARIS™ Reader: LUNARIS™ BioChips, diluents, buffers, reagents, standards, LUNARIS™ Decoding File, LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite, and instructions for use.

LUNARIS Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit


GM-CSF IFN-Ɣ IL-10 IL-12p70 IL-13 IL-17A IL-1β IL-2 IL-4 IL-5 IL-6 TNF-α

Cell-mediated immunity,
inflammatory diseases,
chronic allergies, asthma

Featured application:
Enabling the reduction of laboratory animals

Cell culture supernatant

LUNARIS™ Products are research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Excellent Data Quality

LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit

LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit
Exceptional assay sensitivity and robustness result in a broad dynamic range. Graph bars span from the limit of detection (LoD) to the upper limit of quantification (ULOQ) for each analyte. The white line indicates the lower limit of quantification (LLOQ). Values represent the median of 20 experiments.

LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit

LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit
Median value for various assay parameters from 20 experiments. Limit of detection (LoD), lower limit of quantification (LLOQ), and upper limit of quantification (ULOQ) given in pg/mL; dynamic range (DR) on a log scale.

Kit Format

LUNARIS™ Kits are ready-to-use solutions and supply all components to start your multiplex protein experiment immediately.

Each kit is available in two formats to meet your specific throughput needs.

The 96-well density microtiter plate format accommodates up to three LUNARIS™ BioChips, each with 32-wells. Test eight samples on a single BioChip or up to 40 samples on the complete 96-well assembly.

The 384-well density microtiter plate format accommodates up to four 96-well LUNARIS™ BioChips. Test up to 40 samples on a single BioChip or up to 184 samples in duplicate when using all four BioChips.

96 well
384 well


LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Cytokine Kit

MTP Plate Format No. of BioChips Cat. No. No. of Samples*
96 1x32 LMCY-10120S 8
96 3x32 LMCY-10120F 40
384 1x96 LMCY-20120S 40
384 4x96 LMCY-20120F 184

*Measured in duplicate

Tailored Testing and Readout Services


Outsource the labwork and focus on results. Our service experts can take over some or all the testing and readout steps. Perform the assay in your lab and send us your BioChips for readout and analysis, or engage our full service, from sample to result.

Interested in a tailored panel with your own or commercially available antibodies? Talk to our experts about our customer panel development service.

Read more / LUNARIS™ Services

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LUNARIS™ Technology

The power of our proprietary LUNARIS™ technology lies in its elegant simplicity, which we leveraged to engineer an integrated and scalable multiplex protein analysis system, with a dedicated reader and intuitive image-based readout and data analysis.

The result is a platform that delivers transparent assay outcomes, superior data quality, workflow flexibility, and conservation of precious samples. You quantify as many as 12 biomarkers in just 3 µl of sample. You adapt the system to your throughput needs. You decide when to perform readout and how to evaluate each data point.

LUNARIS™ embodies our vision of success in translational proteomics. Validated for various biofluids, tissue samples, and cell culture, LUNARIS™ opens new opportunities in multiplex biomarker quantification to drive advances from model to man, from lab to clinic, from data to insight.


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