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To address the needs of today’s most promising discovery activities, we kicked off our product development with panels targeting markers relevant to inflammation, ophthalmology, autoimmune disorders and cellular therapy.

Each LUNARIS™ Kit is designed to measure multiple proteins in a variety of clinically relevant sample types, granting insights into disease causes and potential therapies, and advancing translational proteomics at all stages from lab to clinic.


Understanding mechanisms and effects of inflammation can inform a range of medical questions in allergy management, autoimmunity, intra- and extracellular pathology, cell-mediated and humoral immune responses.

Our inflammation cluster of LUNARIS™ Kits targets meaningful selections of secreted and soluble cytokines implicated in T cell differentiation and effector functions. Unlike other comparable cytokine quantification methods, the kits allow measuring protein concentrations from single-digit pg/mL levels to 3–4 log scales higher in low-volume clinical samples.


Research over the last few decades has uncovered a growing number of biomarkers of eye diseases and dysfunctions that have proven indispensable as diagnostic and therapeutic indicators.

The ophthalmology cluster of LUNARIS™ Kits constitutes a trailblazing solution for examining cytokines, angiogenesis markers, and chemokines associated with eye pathologies because they enable their detection in rare, low-volume and even viscous ocular samples from human clinical interventions or mouse models.


Cytokine profiles offer a telltale snapshot of immune function that can inform treatment decisions in next-generation cancer therapies. Progress in stem cell therapy can be monitored, adding valuable information for decisions about next treatment steps. Sensitive detection of cytokines can reveal susceptibility of cancer tumors to immune-based strategies like adoptive T cell-mediated immunotherapy, or to antibody-based cancer drugs.

Our immuno-oncology cluster of LUNARIS™ Kits enables sensitive detection of multiple relevant cytokines in a single, small, minimally invasive biofluid sample.

BioChips from LUNARIS™ Kits are held on a high-precision, reusable LUNARIS™ BaseFrame to ensure correct positioning during readout. Hold up to three 32-well BioChips on a BaseFrame or rotate it 180 degrees to hold four 96-well BioChips. A lid covers and protects the assembly throughout an experiment. Tara BioChips are also available as  counterbalance in centrifugation steps of assay preparation.


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