LUNARIS™ Accessories

BioChips from LUNARIS™ Kits are held on a high-precision, reusable LUNARIS™ BaseFrame to ensure correct positioning during readout. Hold up to three 32-well BioChips on a BaseFrame or rotate it 180 degrees to hold four 96-well BioChips. A lid covers and protects the assembly throughout an experiment. Tara BioChips are also available as  counterbalance in centrifugation steps of assay preparation.

These accessories are bundled in a convenient LUNARIS™ Accessory Kit, which needs to be purchased only once to start your multiplexing experiment.

LUNARIS Accessory Kit


LUNARIS™ Accessories

Item Format Elements Cat. No.
LUNARIS™ Accessory Kit 96/384

2 BaseFrames, 2 BaseFrame Lids,

4 Tara BioChips

LUNARIS™ BaseFrame 96/384

BaseFrame (without Lid)

LUNARIS™ BaseFrame Lid 96/384 Lid for BaseFrame LFL-001
LUNARIS™ Tara BioChip 384 Tara BioChip LTB-001


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