The Role of the Nuclear Factor κB Pathway in the Cellular Response to Low and High Linear Energy Transfer Radiation

Hellweg C.E. et al.; Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2018, 19(8), 2220

German Aerospace Center (DLR) uses LUNARISTM Kit to analyze effects of space radiation

Space radiation is a major risk for long-term human space missions. To better understand its effects on the human body, Dr. Hellweg and colleagues at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) studied cellular responses to space-relevant radiation qualities. Specifically, they focused on the role of the Nuclear Factor κB (NF-κB) pathway, which is activated by ionizing radiation and involved in regulating immune and inflammatory responses.

The authors used AYOXXA’s LUNARIS™ Human 11-Plex Cytokine Kit to quantify multiple cytokines secreted by human cells after irradiation. High doses of X-rays induced IL-8 and TNF-α secretion, triggering a sterile inflammatory response. Furthermore, using a cell model with a stable knock down of the NF-κB subunit RelA this subunit proved to be essential for cytokine expression in response to X-rays and energetic heavy ions which are important components of the radiation field in space.

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