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Enabling cell therapy research with multiplex biomarker analysis

If you’re looking for a sensitive, robust, and precise multiplex biomarker quantification platform that enables your cell therapy research, this webinar is for you.

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Enabling Cell Therapy

With LUNARIS™ you can capture up to 12 biomarkers in as little as 3 µL of your sample. This elegant ELISA-like multiplex platform expands options to advance your translational research in cell therapy including:

> Graft-versus-host disease: identify biomarker signatures that may guide treatment options

> CAR-T cell therapy: test efficacy of new molecular tools in animal models & monitor safety of treatment in patient samples

Hear Dr. Alex Kiraly, Field Application Scientist at AYOXXA, give an introduction to the LUNARIS™ Technology with specific use cases from cell therapy research.

Join us for a 20 min webinar entitled

LUNARIS™ - Enabling cell therapy research with multiplex biomarker analysis
Thursday, September 30, 2021
2:00 pm EST [11:00 am PST]

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