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Basic Research in Ophthalmology Meeting

iSearch is a forum for basic experimental research in ophthalmology, where new findings about signaling pathways and pathomechanisms involving immune cells of the retina are presented. Young scientists as well as experienced investigators and leading ophthalmologists in the field advance the area of translational research to develop new therapies for inflammatory eye diseases.

AYOXXA will participate in these cutting-edge discussions this year.

isearch 2019

The ophthalmology cluster of LUNARIS™ Kits constitutes a trailblazing solution for examining molecular markers associated with eye pathologies. They enable protein detection in rare, low-volume and even viscous human and mouse ocular samples.

Stop by our booth and talk to AYOXXA experts about the LUNARIS™ Ophthalmology Kits and their applications.

Auditorium of the Clinic for Ophthalmology Münster
Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1, Building D15
Domagkstraße 15, 48149 Münster

Dr. Isabell Koxholt

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