AYOXXA @ Cytokines 2020

8th Meeting of the International Cytokines and Interferons Society (ICIS) goes virtual

In step with other scientific meetings, Cytokines 2020 will be held virtually. AYOXXA is thrilled to attend: the virtual platform is excellent, and the program is a stellar list of presentations and discussions about systems-level cytokine action.

virtual Cytokines 2020

Visit our booth for a unique overview of how LUNARIS™ Technology empowers translational proteomics, provides insights into inflammatory response during COVID-19 progression, and unravels biological complexity while simplifying your workflow.

AYOXXA has taken extra safety measures to maintain commercial operations so we can be there for you. Our US team is standing by at Cytokine 2020 to answer questions and arrange demos. Want to get a head start?

Chat with our representatives:
Head of Sales USA:

Senior Account Manager West Coast USA:

Field Application Scientist:

The meeting will begin on Sunday Nov 1st at 9:00 am local PT

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