AYOXXA @ the 6th Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society in Boston

A leading global conference, Cytokine 2018 will be a hotspot of knowledge exchange for basic, clinical and translational research into the role of cytokines in host defense, inflammation, tissue repair and cancer. AYOXXA will be there to introduce the LUNARIS™ platform for quantitative, multiplex analysis of cytokines, and to discuss how LUNARIS™ can advance discoveries in this field.


AYOXXA also proudly announces that Dr. Kate Fitzgerald and colleagues will present their work characterizing murine models of inflammatory disease, including quantitative cytokine profiling using LUNARIS™ technology (Poster #P143).


Stop by booth 8 and talk to AYOXXA experts about the LUNARIS™ Inflammation/Cytokine Kits and their applications.

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