Modular and Versatile BioChips

Your assay setup and throughput

LUNARIS™ BioChips carry the core assay technology of the LUNARIS™ Platform for the simultaneous detection of multiple proteins in a scalable yet standardized microtiter plate format.

Extremely durable and modular in design, the LUNARIS™ BioChips and BaseFrame are produced under strict German manufacturing standards and allow easily moving from low-throughput exploratory or optimization lab research to harmonized, high-throughput clinical applications. Use the same platform for any assay setup or throughput need.


Your Benefits

One platform with standard microtiter plate formats

The LUNARIS™ BaseFrames 96 and 384 align the modularity of the LUNARIS™ platform into standard microtiter plate format. Holding either 1 or up to four 96-well LUNARIS™ BioChips, each BaseFrame flexibly accommodates runs of 96 to 384 samples on the LUNARIS™ Reader, tailoring each experiment to be time, resource and cost-effective.


The assembly is compatible with standard lab equipment and liquid handling devices, like pipetting robots or plate washers, so you can easily integrate the LUNARIS™ Technology into your lab routine.

Furthermore, given the flexible yet standardized concept of BioChips and BaseFrame, the LUNARIS™ Technology could potentially be used for other capture assays, like protein-protein or protein-DNA interactions, or enzyme kinetics studies.

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