Planar Bead-based Detection

Unique benefits from a simple idea

LUNARIS™ Technology is based on a simple idea that merges the benefits of antibody-coated microbeads and a planar microarray format.

Through high-precision engineering, microbeads are immobilized at specific coordinates on the bottom surface of LUNARIS™ BioChip wells. Their distribution is random and even to eliminate density or location biases, making each BioChip unique.

Signals emitted from microbeads with bound targets are recorded by imaging. Analytes are then identified and quantified based on known bead locations.

Each LUNARIS BioChip is carefully scrutinized during production to eliminate rare artifacts and guarantee excellent assay precision.


Your Benefits

Precisely measure multiple analytes in low-volume, challenging sample types

  • No aggregation of beads or interaction of capture reagents
  • No position effects as beads are randomly distributed
  • No sedimentation artifacts given the planar design

Carefully selected biomarker-specific capture antibodies are conjugated to microbeads, which are then randomly positioned in microcavities covering the planar surface of LUNARIS™ BioChip wells.

The exact position and antibody type of each microbead is recorded in a BioChip-specific file to assign analyte identity. Because assay readout is image-based, known bead identity and location can be used to precisely correlate fluorescent signals to analyte concentration during data evaluation.

Compared to other technologies, the design of LUNARIS™ BioChips eliminates issues with density artifacts, signal quenching, sedimentation, or interaction with capture reagents.

Seeing Is Believing

Image-based readout and analysis


Analyte concentration is determined similarly to a classic sandwich immunoassay. Antibodies conjugated to microbeads are tagged with a fluorophore, so that the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) emitted by all microbeads carrying the same antibody pair is a direct measure of the analyte concentration in a sample.

Readout is a precise, high-resolution, two-dimensional image of each LUNARIS™ BioChip well surface, which is then converted into numerical intensity values and corresponding analyte concentrations by the LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite.



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