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Our website is using Piwik. Conforming to German data privacy rules, Piwik is a service to analyze websites. The program employs “Cookies”, small pieces of text data, and installs them on your computer so that AYOXXA is able to analyze the usability of its website. The information collected via Cookies will be sent to our server (including a short version of your IP-address, but never your personal information) and will be stored exclusively to optimize our website offer.

During this procedure your IP-address will be anonymized, so that you as a user of our website remain un-known personally. Information on usability won’t be given to any third party. You are free to reject the use of Cookies in general changing the settings in the browser software on your computer. In this case the functions available on our website might be limited.

In case you refuse to store and to analyze any data created while you are visiting the AYOXXA website, you are free to object via mouse click any time. In this case a so called “Opt-out cookie” will be stored on your computer so that Piwik program won’t gather any information.

Note: If you delete Cookies from your computer in general, you also delete the Opt-out-cookie for AYOXXA website analysis: In this case you need to “Opt-out” when you are visiting our website next time.

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