Facilitating translational research

The LUNARIS™ Multiplex Protein Analysis Platform brings unique capabilities to translational research that eliminate hurdles from sample types, sample size, and cross-model correlations.

Our initial focus is on high-impact disease biomarker panels, and we continue to develop top-quality, cost-effective solutions for a broader range of applications.

Through long-standing collaborations with world-leading Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and the European consortium EYE-RISK, we have developed and validated powerful biomarker panels for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy (DR), and dry eye syndrome (DES).

Streamlined and standardized, those panels constitute our robust ophthalmology cluster of LUNARIS™ Kits for translational research, drug development, and therapy monitoring.

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Cellular and animal models are essential to elucidating mechanisms of disease and the potential of therapies for humans. The LUNARIS™ Platform is designed to work with the low sample volumes typical of models, and maximize information obtained from each subject through effective protein multiplexing.

As a result, experiment designs remain uncomplicated, while sampling protocols and animal numbers are more humane.

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Cancer immunotherapies exploit tumor-associated antigens to trigger attack by the immune system on tumor cells. Especially for cancer forms with few treatment options, immuno-oncology has rekindled hope for novel and effective treatments.

The immuno-oncology cluster of LUNARIS™ Kits provides accurate multiplex cytokine profiles that are leveraged as prognostic tools by several of our partner laboratories.

For example, cytokine profiles are being used to assess immune reconstitution in leukemia patients after cord blood transplantation, as well as to monitor tumor explants treated with CAR T cells. And our development collaborations continue to expand.

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Thinking of another application?

If you are thinking about using LUNARIS™ for other applications or want to learn about applications under development, contact us. One of our experts will be in touch with you.

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