LUNARIS™ is AYOXXA's innovative, patented beads-on-a-chip technology to analyze multiple biomarkers in low volume biological samples. LUNARIS™ BioChips bring the potential of microarray technology, successfully applied in Genomics, to the area of Proteomics. Thus, AYOXXA opens multiplexing opportunities to research areas all the way from basic research to clinical applications.


  • measure multiple protein biomarkers down to 3 µL sample volume
  • detect each biomarker in single digit pg/mL concentrations
  • analyze with a dynamic range of 3-4 log units
  • integrate protein multiplexing into your daily laboratory routine

Gain new insights into your research using LUNARIS™ Cytokine kits to analyze mouse and human samples.

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LUNARIS™ products are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.