LUNARIS AYOXXA's multiplex protein analysis platformReader


LUNARIS™ BioChips offer a unique multiplex protein assay format based on antibody-coated beads immobilized on a solid surface. The assay follows a classical sandwich immunoassay principle with a fluorescence readout. Concentrations of the target proteins are calculated as a function of fluorescence intensity. Read more

Readout is fully automated using the LUNARIS™ Reader in combination with a proprietary LUNARIS™ Control Software. The instrument allows the fluorescence-based imaging of LUNARIS™ BioChips, 384 samples will take less than one hour.


The LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite provides automatic sample to report functions, applicable to routine testing in clinical environment if necessary.

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Gain new insights into your research using LUNARIS™ Cytokine kits to analyze a variety of matrices in mouse and human samples.