LUNARIS Ophthalmology Kit

AYOXXA's LUNARIS™ Multiplex Kits detect and quantify multiple secreted and soluble inflammation and immune response markers. They are validated for a variety of clinically relevant matrices. Cytokines and growth factors are generally associated with a numerous biological processes including ophthalmic diseases.

AYOXXA offers a growing portfolio of:

for human and mouse species as listed below.

Kits, Control & Analysis Software and a dedicated LUNARIS™ reader provide all the tools to deliver the highest quality data from a variety of precious biological samples.

LUNARIS™ Multiplex Detection Kits

are ready-to-use and supply all the components to start your multiplexing experiment immediately.

They are available in:

  • 96-well density microtiter plate. (MTP) OR
  • 384 well density microtiter plates (MTP).

You can test from 8 to 40 samples on a single BioChip depending on type. On a 384-well density microtiter plate, you can analyze up to 160 samples in duplicates.

The LUNARIS™ BaseFrame holds the BioChips in position for easy handling during the assay and to properly position for readout using the LUNARIS™ Reader. LUNARIS™ Analysis Suite software processes the acquired data for easy, streamlined biomarker quantification and detailed reporting.

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LUNARIS™ products are research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.