AYOXXA's multiplexing services are an extension of your laboratory with broad expertise in assay development on LUNARIS™ platform. In close collaboration with you and your team, we will design the right bioassay protocols, or analyze your samples to deliver answers. Working in our state-of-the-art laboratories (BSL1 & BSL2), we combine scientific know-how with professional project management to advance your proteomics research.

Our offer to augment the impact of your research:

LUNARIS™ sample analysis
Send us your testing material and AYOXXA will return a detailed report indicating biomarker concentrations and confidence data.
Select your targets of interest out of a growing menu of biomarker panels for mouse & human matrices.

Innovative multiplex assay development
Outsource biomarker screening, selection, and validation according to your needs.

Find out about the benefits of LUNARIS™ technology platform.

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