Our company is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS, 2010) and today we have our Global Headquarters in Cologne (Germany), an office in Boston (USA) and a research facility in Singapore. With about 33 people from a very diverse cultural background our team is relentlessly working on making our vision come true: leveraging success in proteomics.

The differentiating factors through which LUNARIS™ technology will innovate basic and clinical research are:

Unlock insights from low-volume samples

Every biological specimen carries key information to answer a research question. LUNARIS™ pushes boundaries in biomarker analysis by enabling quantitative and highly precise analyses of samples down to 3 µL.

Scale throughput for every need

LUNARIS™ builds on proprietary microarray technology. LUNARIS™ BioChips comprise a modular system for 96/384 MTP format that requires a single BaseFrame, but enables 32 to 384 tests.

Integrate multiplexing into your routine

Processing and readout of LUNARIS™ assays were developed to accommodate your research in-house. However, for fieldwork or when readout equipment is not available, BioChips can be sent to AYOXXA for readout and analysis.

Count on accurate results, every time

Your time is valuable. Microbeads are carefully coated with antibodies and captured in microcavities on the BioChip to prevent aggregation or loss during assay procedure. So you know that your results are reliable, precise and accurate.