AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH is a venture-backed life science tools company presently entering the commercial phase of growth. The technology was developed and the IP licensed exclusively from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2010. The global headquarters of the company is in Cologne (Germany), with commercial and research operations in Singapore and commercial operations in Boston (USA). Together with our international multidisciplinary team of scientists and technicians we are relentlessly working on making our vision come true: enabling success in translational research.

Meet Rodney Turner, CEO of AYOXXA
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AYOXXA enables its customers to build on reliable and optimized platform technologies to fuel breakthroughs in all areas of life science research and especially to accelerate the development of novel diagnostic tools, innovative therapies and enhance success in translational science. With LUNARIS™, our proprietary innovative beads-on-a-chip multiplexing platform for advanced protein analysis, we are paving the way for translating knowledge generated in a laboratory environment through the entire clinical and pre-clinical drug development process. With its advantages in terms of quality, flexibility and efficiency, LUNARIS™ enables fully scalable quantitative validation of human biomarkers

from lab to clinic - from model to man - from data to insight.