LUNARIS applications

AYOXXA offers LUNARIS™ innovative, patented beads-on-a-chip technology to analyze picogram amounts of multiple proteins in biological samples. It is a platform to test for almost any biomarker at any throughput. A technology that pushes the minimum required sample volume to single-digit microliter amounts, greatly expanding the types and numbers of samples from which scientists can gain insights. AYOXXA opens protein multiplexing opportunities to research areas all the way from basic research to clinic to advance clinical and translational discoveries.

AYOXXA offers a robust and precise protein analytics particularly for research areas limited by sample availability, such as

  • Ophthalmology - therapy monitoring or preclinical tool to analyze delicate samples taken from the eye, see below.
  • Mouse-to-Man - flexible and scalable protein multiplexing platform reducing the amount of biosamples needed for testing LINK
  • Immunooncology (in the pipeline)

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