LUNARIS™ protein multiplexing:

NEW Human 11-Plex Cytokine Kit

Analyze: IL-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12p70, IFNƔ, TNFα, GM-CSF biomarkers

Gain insights into Ocular Disorders
LUNARIS™ Human 6-Plex Ophthalmology Kit


AYOXXA appoints Rodney Turner as permanant CEO

Happy Holliday Season from AYOXXA!

Happy Holliday Season from AYOXXA


AYOXXA Biosystems, an international biotech company based in Cologne (Germany), Boston (USA) and Singapore, has developed LUNARIS™, an innovative technology that enables multiplex protein analysis of precious, small-volume specimens. This powerful system uses antibody-coated microbeads securely captured on the surface of proprietary BioChips and requires only 3 µL of input sample. LUNARIS™ offers a reliable, precise and accurate immunoassay for multiple biomarkers for both basic and clinical research. Focus areas for this technology include, but are not limited to ophthalmology, mouse-to-man studies and immunooncology.

AYOXXA stands for leveraging success in proteomics.

Core Technology

AYOXXA offers LUNARIS™, an innovative technology platform that enables multiplex protein analysis of precious, small-volume specimens.

The unique LUNARIS™ BaseFrame can serve MTP 96- & 384-formats by rotating the frame 180 degrees. You can insert multiple BioChip elements to accomodate your experimental needs. With flexible throughput options, LUNARIS™ offers a reliable and accurate detection method for multiple biomarkers in both basic and clinical research.

AYOXXA will innovate proteomics, as LUNARIS™ offers outstanding customer benefits:

  • effective use of precious biological specimen to gain more data

  • one technology platform for translational discoveries

  • minimizing investment into instruments and staff training

to obtain accurate and precise information about biomarkers of interest.